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You never know what you will find in the San Diego Bay!

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Our San Diego harbor tours are pretty adventurous.  On most days we see our good friends the California Sea Lions basking in the sun, the occasional air craft carrier (or two!) but its not often that encounter the most elusive member of the US Navy, the submarine.

At the entrance to San Diego Bay is the Nuclear Powered Submarine Base.  As you can see by the photos, this one is being parked by two C-tractors, or tug boats.  We can’t tell you the name of the sub, because, the Navy doesn’t want you to know who they are.  What we can tell you is that it is a Los Angeles class nuclear powered attack submarine. San Diego is home to several submarines including the the USS Hampton, USS Jefferson City, USS Asheville, USS Topeka, USS Helena, USS Salt Lake City, USS San Francisco, USS Portsmouth and USS Albuquerque.  Los Angeles class subs are the backbone of the United States submarine fleet.  They are 362 feet long, home to a crew of 133 and can travel up to speeds of 35 knots.  They are often found in Tom Clancy novels, including The Hunt for Red October.

We suspect there was something special about this particular sub due to the added security in the form of a Naval security boat and Coast Guard security boat.p5230004p5230007