From a First Mate’s Perspective

One of the great things about my job doing San Diego tours out on San Diego Bay is that I get to see some really great marine life that is unexpected and very rare.  Sometimes it is a group of wild dolphins swimming through the bay who just happen to surface along side our boat, the “San Diego SEAL”!  Sometimes it is a big navy ship chugging through the bay along side of us or it may also be one of the FA-18 Hornets taking off from the North Island Naval Air station.  Of course, we always see Sea Lions swimming around or laying down for a break on the Bait Boxes out in the middle or the bay!  Then, we might also get to see a Submarine leaving the Sub base on it’s way out to sea!  And, if we are really lucky, we’ll get to see some of the Navy Dolphins jumping at the Marine Mammal Training Center.

Well today, we saw all of that, PLUS…a California Grey Whale who was lost in the harbor!  We got excellent up close views of him/her along the shore of Shelter Island on 2 of the 3 tours we did today.  We were the first to spot the Whale.  We notified the Coast Guard and they broadcast sightings throughout the day.  Within an hour after we spotted the lost whale, he was on the news!  Lots of media, choppers to an air view, and folks on Shelter and Harbor Island hoping to get a photo when he surfaced.  But the best seats had to be on the SEAL – just 5 feet above the water line!

Maybe we will see it tomorrow.  I kind of hope not.  I hope it will have found its way out of the bay and will be able to continue its 13,000 mile journey back to Alaska for the summer!  Don’t you?

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