A great way to “sea” San Diego…on land & in the water!

Seal sleeping in the San Diego Bay.

Sea lion sleeping in the San Diego Bay.

Remember the James Bond movie where Bond drives a Lotus right into the bay and as it sinks down under the water it transforms into a submarine? That was one of my favorite scenes from any Bond Movie–and I got to experience something equally as thrilling the last time I went to San Diego. The San Diego Seals Tour is a tour of the local sights and attractions but it’s unlike any other sightseeing tour I have ever taken. The Tour Bus, after driving around on the city streets, drives straight into the bay!

San Diego Seal Tour

San Diego Seal Tour

Although we didn’t sink down to the bottom and fire any underwater to air missiles, like in the “Spy Who Loved Me”, the tour bus did sail along the San Diego Bay like a boat, after being a street bus just moments before. I loved it! And so did all the other tour guests. The tour bus/boat is a hydra terra amphibious vehicle that was specifically designed to go from land to water safely and comfortably. It was a really smooth ride, both while we toured San Diego by land and then when we hit the water. It was also open on all the sides, so everyone on board got a great view of everything we were passing.

We saw a lot of really interesting sights, like the Star of India (the world’s oldest active sailing ship) at the Maritime Museum, the U.S.S. Midway, Little Italy and more. Once we were in the bay the tour took us past some of the most breathtaking spots like Point Loma and the magnificent mansions along the hillside. One thing that was truly exciting was seeing the San Diego sea lions just lounging around in their natural habitat. There was a refreshing breeze in the air as we cruised past the fighter jets at the North Island Naval Air Station, and the Marine Mammal Training Center. We also got to see the Point Loma Submarine Base, I don’t know why, but there’s something so intriguing about submarines.

I’ve always loved the San Diego Bay and its picturesque allure, the San Diego Seals Tour was an amazing way to see all of the sights in the bay and still enjoy the attractions on land. What a great idea! The best part (besides the fact that we drove right off the street and into the water without even getting out of our seats) was hearing all the interesting facts and history about San Diego from our tour guide. I never knew how important the marine industry was to the city.

Next time you’re in town, make it a point to have your own “James Bond” experience! The San Diego Seals Tour was a lot of fun and great way to spend some time seeing the sights in the city and in the bay.

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